Schuster Homes

Veronica Kerr Branding, Print, Web

Schuster Homes is the premier custom home builder of Oakland County. They needed a website to really showcase their past projects, style, and craftsmanship and to bolster the idea that they’re pure luxury and excellence. After developing their website, they wanted the rest of their collateral to reflect the same clean elegance. Branding Logo & print collateral design Competitive research …

Deer Lake Athletic Club

Veronica Kerr Print, Web

Deer Lake Athletic Club has been a part of the Clarkston community for years, always trying to provide the best experience for their members and the community in general. They so often do events and promotions that they constantly require printed goods to share with the community. With their latest website redesign, you can really get an in-depth look at …

Gallop Brush Co.

Veronica Kerr Branding, Print, Web

When you think of a car wash you probably think of the shiny car, the colorful foam, the spinning brushes, but do you think about the material the brushes are made of? Foam? Cloth? Or is it… something else? Gallop Brush is a small but blossoming business based in Imlay City, Michigan, fostered by the experience of a few generations …

Molders Services

Veronica Kerr Branding, Print, Retouch

Molders Services specializes in tools and components used for injection molding, but their key differentiators include their analyses, recommendations and consulting prowess. Looking at their competition, there was only one thing to do – look sharp and educate the consumer. Branding strategy Logo & print collateral design Photography Photo retouching Competitive research & sitemap update WordPress site design including a …

Morgan & Milzow Realtors

Veronica Kerr Branding, Print

I had the pleasure of designing many of Morgan & Milzow’s print materials, including newsprint ads, brochures, postcards and business cards. They constantly strive for excellence for their clients in every way, so their materials need to reflect their strength and elegance. Print design Production coordination

Main Street Billiards

Veronica Kerr Print, Web

Based in Rochester, Michigan, Main Street Billiards is a popular hot spot for pool, drinks, dancing, and entertainment. Therefore they need lively printed goods and a website that really speaks to the nature of their business – stylish fun! Print design & production Competitive research & sitemap update WordPress site design including a variety of mockups to choose from Implement …

Headwaters Land Conservancy Mailer

Veronica Kerr Print, Retouch

NOHLC is a non-profit with the goal of preserving the open spaces of Oakland County, Michigan. This newsletter served as a mailing to the members and prospect members of the organization. Print design

NuSouth Lemonade

Veronica Kerr Print, Retouch

NuSouth Lemonade was one of the best lemonade brands down south, and though it’s now defunct, their sell sheets really spoke to what the brand was all about – fresh, bold, great flavors! Photography Photo retouching Print design


Veronica Kerr Branding, Print, Web

Genford is a liaison for US business to produce their goods in China at lower costs. But the low cost doesn’t mean US businesses have to compromise on quality – that’s what Genford is for. So to make sure Genford appeals to the good folk of this country, we had to make sure their website out-shined others in their industry. …

Woodward Auto

Veronica Kerr Branding, Print, Web

Woodward Auto is a car sales and repair center located on Woodward Avenue in Pontiac, Michigan. Their previous website was on the doomed Joomla 1.5.26 with a ton of custom functionality built in. They needed to get out of there without losing the parts of their website that made it awesome. This is the result of their migration: A brand …